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"Yo, when we gonna take some pictures?"

Posted by Emmanuel Fisher on January 23, 2011 at 9:51 AM Comments comments (3)

Although I'm fully aware that the economy isn't the greatest right now, I do need for some folks to realize that a photographer has to survive as well! In order for you to receive GREAT photos, I need to have a GREAT camera and other necessary equipment to make it happen. Somehow, it appears that a large number of folks aka "friends, models, event planners and party-goers" think that because they "know" me or have seen me around before that they are entitled to free photos. WTF???!!! This couldn't be further from the truth, like most things that we want in life, we have to PAY FOR THEM, this includes my photography services. I LOVE shooting photos, but I also love being able to upgrade, receive referrals, etc. So, if you'd like to utilize the photography services of a photographer, make sure that you can at least compensate them for how BEAUTIFUL or HANDSOME they can make you appear to the world...

Just my two cents...